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SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization: our techniques to improve your ranking !

Nowadays, an optimised website is one of the pillars of a strategy that aims to generate inbound traffic at low cost.

Optimising your media means, first and foremost, making your website visible to the vast majority of your target audience, who will find you using search engines, primarily Google.

This is undoubtedly the most important approach to ensuring successful digital marketing.
To optimise your hotel’s online search ranking, you need to get to grips with a few acronyms that you may encounter during the process :

SEO Search Engine Optimization : this refers to naturally creating online links to your content by optimising your content semantically or technically or by using netlinking.

SEA Search Engine Advertising : this acronym refers to chargeable links such as AdWords, by advertising on search engine platforms.

SMO Social Media Optimisation refers to the complete set of methods used to attract visitors and website consumers by using social networks as a promotional tool.

SEM Search Engine Marketing is the acronym that refers to all the techniques described above.

First and foremost, optimising links to your online presence requires you to have understood the two existing types of links that are available.

Firstly, there is “free” and “natural” SEO – in that there is no link to any chargeable platform that allows you to purchase search keywords.

This form of link building is the most complicated and requires the greatest level of experience. In fact, it requires following a series of best practices – all of which change over time – as well as adapting to the algorithms used in search engines.

In this case, you should carry out a precise and accurate study of the keywords that will be most effective for your website, after which you will need to find a server to host your website as well as a CMS (“Content Management System”) such as WordPress to adapt your website to suit your guests’ needs.

Secondly, there are chargeable link options, which are defined by purchasing several keywords via an auction to enable advertising to appear in response to searches carried out by your target audience.
This is known as SEA as previously discussed. There are several benefits to this approach and it will be necessary if, for example, you decide to launch an e-commerce website.

CSP-France offers a range of high-performance SEO solutions that generate results, both nationally and internationally.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more and to enhance your visibility on search engine as part of your online strategy.