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CIA France

A private school specializing in teaching the french language

CSP-France would like to thank the Centre International d’Antibes (CIA France) for the trust that they have demonstrated in us. CSP-France was selected to perform a refresh of CIA’s website in six languages, including optimising the translated content for search engines.

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CIA France, a school specializing in teaching the french language

CIA France, the “Centre International d’Antibes” is a school that specialises in teaching the French language to foreign students.

This school, which has a market-leading position in France, has welcomed over 7,000 students per year for over 30 years from all over the globe, where they come to learn French.

A variety of programmes are on offer, built around language-learning stays for learners of all ages and skill levels.

The Centre International d’Antibes is authorised by the Ministry of Education and other bodies.

The school responds to your requirements, availability and budget.