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TV IP Solution

Principles of the IPTV Solution

The term IPTV was coined in 1992 and launched on the market in 1995. It describes a form of television broadcast over a network using the Internet Protocol (IP). This includes live TV, video on demand, gaming on demand and replay TV.
It also uses the same infrastructure as internet access, but with dedicated bandwidth.

In France, IPTV is often supplied in a bundle with high-speed internet access (a “triple-play” offering).
However, it is also deployed very frequently by private organisations such as hotels, hospitals and holiday residences, as it enables the property to offer a bundle of IPTV channels as well as a range of chargeable, on-demand services.
As such, the property is considered to be a telecoms operator.

IPTV consists of a variety of elements:
– TV Head End : where live channels are encoded and broadcast in the form of IP traffic
VOD platforms : where video on demand content is stored and requested when a user uses IP traffic to submit a request
Interactive portal: the user can browse through a variety of different IPTV services.
– Distribution network : the network used to exchange packets containing IP packets (unicast and multicast)
– Home gateway : the part of the equipment in the user’s home which limits the access to the distribution network
– Set-top box : used to encrypt and decode TV and VOD content so that they are displayed correctly on the TV screen.

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